Costing Analyst


Cost analyst perform daily accounting or bookkeeping duties. He/She may approve and administer invoice payments to outside vendors and suppliers. Costs analysts tabulate daily performance reports, often reviewing these assessments with project stakeholders to monitor costs and keep them in line with the original budget.


  • Prepare & analyze factory weekly variance & production KPIs
  • Prepare monthly actual closing reports; cost of production, stocks & variance
  • Analyze monthly evolution for actual VS. budget cost of production
  • Support the application group (R&D) team for accurate bill of material (recipes)
  • Prepare annual budget for factory cost of production
  • Analyze current year's budget VS. prior year actual and budget




Bachelor degree in Finance or Accounting.

1-2 years of experience in costing or Financial Analysis or Accounting.

-Excellent Analytical skills
-Excellent organizational skills
-Excellent team-working skills
-Excellent Problem- solving skills
-Strong communication skills
-Excellent Statistical data analysis

People who are self-motivated and enjoy scrutinizing numbers and who have those skills:

-Operational analysis – reducing operational costs, including inventory valuation, product costs, overhead and direct labor costs, etc. is a cost analyst’s primary responsibility
-Costing methodology – to determine whether or not a company is properly using its resources
-Mathematical problem-solving – cost analysts need proven analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills to accomplish their job successfully


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