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Nestle Ice cream in Egypt started operating in 1988 by acquiring Kimo Brand in Qalyub Factory. In 1995 Nestle Ice Cream acquired Dolce the market leading Ice cream brand with. At that time there were two independent sales forces, fleets & marketing teams for each Neslte & Dolce brands. In 2001 both Nestle & Dolce brands were consolidated in the Ice cream factory located in the 6th of October city. Nestle and R&R decided on taking this success to a higher level by creating their new joint venture FRONERI Ice Cream. In October 2016, Nestlé and R&R successfully launched a new, joint-venture brand in the ice-cream, frozen food and chilled dairy sector. That brand is Froneri. Froneri combines Nestlé and R&R’s ice-cream activities in Europe, the Middle East, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines and South Africa. It also incorporates Nestlé’s European frozen food business (excluding pizza and retail frozen food in Italy), as well as its chilled dairy business in the Philippines.